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Please review the information about House Bill 1496.
Contact your legislator to voice your opinion.

A bill has been introduced in the Indiana General Assembly which, if adopted, would make the functioning of regional sewer districts more difficult, more expensive, and less efficient.  In the end, that will eventually translate into added expenses to the customers of regional sewer districts.

House Bill 1496, as it would affect Twin Lakes Regional Sewer District, would allow certain property owners with lots as small as one acre to avoid connecting to the public sewer constructed by a regional sewer district.  The bill would be retroactive to July 1, 2012, meaning that some customers included in house counts and financing packages to fund certain projects might be exempt from connection.  The lost revenue would ultimately cost other customers more.  Had the law been different before financing was obtained and infrastructure installed, the planning for a project could have been different to avoid an adverse impact on the other customers.

House Bill 1496 also contains some confusing provisions that might allow some of those customers to avoid paying all or a portion of their sewer bills.

The legislature is receiving considerable pressure from several small groups that disagree with the concept that a regional sewer district can require property owners to connect to its public sewers.  Legislators are not hearing from customers who are happy with how public sewers have protected the environment, improved the quality of life, and enhanced property values.

We encourage you to review House Bill 1496 and to contact your legislator to voice your opinions about the bill.