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Mission Statement

The Twin Lakes Regional Sewer District was reactivated by the White County Board of Commissioners in March, 1994, for the purpose of developing the means to improve the water quality in our lakes and in the ground and from that, the health condition of our community. The mission statement defines the District's commitment to the public, and guides us in our endeavor.

The Board of Trustees of the Twin Lakes Regional Sewer District is dedicated to:

  • identifying the various sewage problems in and around Lakes Shafer and Freeman
  • executing its duties in accordance with Federal and State Law (IC 13-26-1-1)
  • seeking sewage treatment solutions that will provide optimum public health safety and reflect a strong cost/benefit ratio
  • consulting with and holding public hearing for the property owners affected
  • soliciting federal and state grants to assist the community financially
  • studying carefully the recommendations from our citizens and from professional sources, and implementing a community supported wastewater and treatment system designed for today and flexible for tomorrow